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PRAFUL SAKLANI CEO Pramata Brisbane, CA Pramata digitizes and operationalizes com- mercial relationships so large enterprises such as CenturyLink, Com- cast Business, HPE, and NCR can maximize and grow revenue, reduce risk, and drive business efficiencies. Headquar- tered in Brisbane, CA, Pramata also has offices in Kansas City, MO, and Bangalore, India. VERTICALS Technology, Healthcare, Finance, Asset Management, Pharma, Manufacturing VENDOR PARTNERS AWS, Salesforce, DocuSign, Oracle, SAP, Apttus Pramata WHAT CHANGES IN CUSTOMER DEMANDS AND EXPECTATIONS HAVE YOU SEEN OVER THE PAST ONE TO TWO YEARS? With the consumerization of technology, cus- tomers now expect enterprise-grade solutions that are as easy to use as Facebook and bring val- ue. Sophisticated large enterprise customers are looking to buy products and services that provide value over time and can grow with their organi- zations. They want a virtual business partner that brings not only a high-performance offer- ing but also a stellar customer service team that makes a difference to their business and bottom line. Large enterprises are more discerning than ever, and that's why when they find a technology and a company that can service that technology over time, they don't hesitate to expand their in- vestment across their entire enterprise. WHAT ABOUT YOUR COMPANY IS KEEPING YOU UP AT NIGHT? I think about intelligently managing growth and scaling in the context of preserving our stellar reputation so that our 100th custom- er has the same level of success as our second customer. This requires a dogged focus and at- tention to all aspects of the business so that we continue to provide exceptional operations, en- gineering, customer success, sales, and market- ing in a way that makes sense for our new and old customers alike. WHAT IS THE TOP METRIC YOU USE TO MEASURE SUCCESS? Pramata is all about uncovering hidden, but crit- ical, customer relationship data that is buried in contracts and locked in siloed business systems that span sales, finance, and legal departments. When we uncover this critical data, companies can quickly realize revenue opportunities and re- duce compliance risks. Therefore, the key metric for measuring success is the quantifiable value our enterprise customers create with Pramata. For example, how many upsell or cross-sell op- portunities does our platform uncover? WHAT IS THE BEST ADVICE YOU'VE RECEIVED ABOUT RAISING CAPITAL? We've self-funded Pramata and raised capital for expansion only. The reality is that money, wheth- er it's from your own pocket or from a venture capitalist, will not shortcut you to success – it's simply fuel for execution. It's too easy in Silicon Valley to go after endless rounds of financing and leverage yourself to the point that you need a valuation to get to success. Executing efficiently while building a strong business that has a veri- fiable value proposition for your customers gives you the freedom to grow and expand as you build real value for all stakeholders. IN WHAT WAYS ARE MILLENNIALS IMPACTING THE SOFTWARE INDUSTRY? The great news is that millennials were raised during the consumerization of IT. They ex- pect technology to be collaborative, social, and responsive—like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. They expect work to be fun, yet also meaningful. They bring a new dimension to our product, as well as to the Pramata culture and family. WHAT WOULD YOU BE DOING IF YOU WEREN'T A SOFTWARE EXECUTIVE? My passions are building teams and organiza- tions that are solving problems never before solved. I'd most likely be working in the social philanthropic or wellness (yoga and meditation) area to help people improve their lives. WHAT IS THE BEST BUSINESS BOOK ON YOUR SHELF? Crossing The Chasm by Geoffrey Moore. It's really the bible for Silicon Valley startups. S EXECUTIVE PROFILE Spotlight EXECUTIVE PROFILE SOFTWAREEXECUTIVEMAG.COM OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2017 41 PRAMATA

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