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KRISTEN MCALISTER CO-OWNER & PRESIDENT, CERIUS INTERIM EXECUTIVE SOLUTIONS If you're thinking about promoting your best engineer to VP of Engineering or handing your top sales rep a VP of sales title, stop and read Kristen McAlister's article first. While it might seem like a noble idea to promote from within, she explains why stellar employees can fall short as managers. She outlines steps you can take to support newly minted managers so everything in the office can continue running smoothly. McAlister knows a thing or two about management – she spends her day job finding executives for transitional situations, high-growth opportunities, and turnarounds. Why Great Employees Rarely Make Great Managers p 42 AUSTIN MERRIT T CO-FOUNDER & GENERAL MANAGER, SOFTWARE ADVICE It doesn't matter whether you love or hate online review websites. Your potential customers are going to look at your software's online reviews regardless of your opinion of these platforms. In fact, they are probably going to head there long before they drop a lead or pick up the phone to call your sales team. On page 38, Austin Merritt shares insider research on what software buyers really think of reviews, and he outlines steps you can take to boost your standing in the online review world. Hint: 75 percent of buyers check online reviews before purchasing software, so at the very least you should tear out this article and hand it to someone on your marketing team. Online Reviews: Four Steps To Leverage The Power Of The Crowd p 38 STEVE SEHY PRINCIPAL, CAAS FOR SAAS Workday became one of the first software companies to adopt the new revenue recognition standard (ASC 606) in February 2017. Good for Workday. Chances are most Software Executive readers don't have a small army of financial experts like the $1.5 billion dollar plus company Workday does. That's why we asked Steve Sehy, a fractional CFO who provides CFO consulting services to SaaS companies that are planning to raise capital, to help make sense of this revenue recognition transition. Turn to page 9 and make sure you're checking Sehy's 10 tips off your to-do list before the end of the year. 10 Steps To Take ASAP For The New Revenue Recognition Standards p 9 KEVIN KOGLER PRESIDENT & FOUNDER, MICROBIZ MicroBiz first started working with resellers in the 1990s. The company relaunched its reseller program in 2013. Along the way, this software company learned its fair share of do's and don't's when it comes to growing indirect sales channels. Editorial advisory board member Kevin Kogler shares his war stories and helps other software companies understand program tiers, partner support infrastructure, identifying and recruiting resellers, and more. 7 Lessons Learned From Building A Reseller Program p 34 Contributors CONTRIBUTOR BIOS Inside SOFTWAREEXECUTIVEMAG.COM OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2017 6

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