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Why Do Software Companies Struggle With Hiring? tional roles required to run a software company. Hiring isn't hard just because it takes time, or because cultural fit is important, or because my millennial generation is so demanding. It's because software and tech companies don't have enough fish in the talent sea. There's nothing our editorial can do to solve that talent gap today, but what we can do is provide our readers with some advice about how to hire and manage people at software com- panies. Here's what we have lined up in this issue: ▶ Editorial advisory board members discuss hiring members of their executive teams (see p. 8) ▶ Our cover story outlines the playbook one VP of Sales used to hire 50 sales reps in 18 months (see p. 14) ▶ Another feature tells the founding story of a soft- ware company that scaled from 0 to 500+ employ- ees in less than three years (see p. 24) ▶ The "By The Numbers" page is about metrics re- lated to software account executives, including stats on turnover, compensation, and quotas so you can see how you stack up (see p. 10) For more on this topic, head to www.softwareexecu- and check out our web-exclusive article, "3 Pitfalls To Avoid When Hiring Software Engineers." Finally, if you want to learn more about the tech labor market talent shortage, come join us in Philadelphia on Oct. 12 for our ISV Insights conference. One of the panel discussions will feature an external recruiter who spe- cializes in tech, an internal recruiter for a fast-growing venture-backed software company, and an outsourcing expert. The event agenda will also cover raising capital, M&A trends, building indirect sales channels, pricing strategies, and customer retention. Plus we'll wrap up the day with an open bar, and you'll need a stiff drink when I remind you again that Amazon and Microsoft alone are hunting for nearly 7,000 software engineers. On a serious note, if you're a software executive who wants to spend the day at our conference learning how to improve your business, you can register for free at If you can't join us in Phil- adelphia, stay tuned for our 2018 event dates. S ately I've been spending a lot of time look- ing at job postings. No recruiters, not for me (getting Software Executive off the ground the past few months has been pretty fun, thanks). I've been sifting through, the "ca- reers" pages on software companies' websites, and my LinkedIn feed to help me wrap my head around why hiring keeps coming up over and over again when I ask software executives about their top business challenges. When I typed "software engineer" into the search bar in late August, the results showed 202,540 open positions. Amazon was responsible for 5,164 of these listings, and Microsoft was a distant second at 1,782. Let that sink in for a moment – those two compa- nies alone are hiring nearly 7,000 developers. My home state of Pennsylvania had 6,191 software en- gineering jobs listed on Indeed. The latest enrollment figures I could find for Penn State's computer engineer- ing and computer science programs showed a total of 128 degrees in those majors were awarded in the 2014- 2015 academic year. That means it would take more than 48 years of graduating classes for Penn State students to fill the open software engineering positions in its own state (and more than 54 years to fill openings at just Am- azon and Microsoft). No wonder coding boot camps and other nontraditional developer training programs have popped up as alternatives to a four-year degree. The picture isn't much prettier for software sales po- sitions – only had 83,924 openings for that keyword search. I didn't even bother searching for "soft- ware customer support" or the myriad of other opera- L A B B Y S O R E N S E N Executive Editor VIEWPOINT SoftEx By A. Sorensen WHY DO SOFTWARE COMPANIES STRUGGLE WITH HIRING? SOFTWAREEXECUTIVEMAG.COM OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2017 7 @AbbySorensen_

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