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August/September 2017

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Welcome To Software Executive Magazine You won't read overly techy articles in Software Exec- utive. We write articles, not code. We're going to focus on helping you run your software business. We know what software executives lose sleep over, regardless of their company size, application type, distribution method, or vertical market focus. We're going to write about those issues — scaling, raising capital, pricing strategies, HR issues, working with resellers, market- ing and sales best practices, developer resources, and more. We want you to call on us when you face a busi- ness challenge outside of these categories (or when you come across topics you're tired of reading about). We have an open inbox policy — drop us an email any time at or — and we promise a response from a real-life human. We also want you to enjoy reading this magazine ev- ery other month. Do yourself (and your eyes) a favor and unplug from screen time while you flip through these pages. Of course, we'll still have all of the content from the magazine, and more, in our e-newsletters and on the website. We're open to any and all ideas software executives want to throw our way. If your software company has a compelling story to share, and if you're doing something innovative your peers can learn from, we want to feature you in an up- coming issue. I'm an assistant coach for a college golf team when I'm not busy at the office devouring content, listening to podcasts, or talking to experts in the software world. One of the guiding principles of our team is FIO — short for figure it out. When a golfer texts me about the stress piling up from classes, practice, and life, my job is to help him or her FIO Most of the time, coaching has very little to do with swing mechanics, just like running a software company can have very little to do with the technology itself. That's why there's an FIO sign pinned to the cork board next to my desk, a daily reminder that it's our mis- sion to help software companies figure out how to run scalable, profitable, and successful businesses. S ou're reading the inaugural issue of Soft- ware Executive magazine. Welcome! The software world is massive — Gartner predicts enterprise software spending will reach $376 billion by 2018 — but it can also be a lonely place. "Software" isn't exactly a singular industry, and the executives who read this magazine are from vast- ly different companies and verticals. So then, where do you go for advice on hiring developers, selecting board members, or improving your sales process? We want that place to be here, where you'll learn from thought leaders, subject matter experts, and — most important- ly — your peers, other innovative software executives who are finding success. This magazine was born from our company's flagship publication, Business Solutions magazine (newly mint- ed as Channel Executive magazine). For 30+ years we've been covering the IT channel, and our primary focus has been on value-added resellers, integrators, and man- aged services providers. Despite the fact that we had amassed 10,000+ software executives on that circulation who wanted to keep their ear to the ground in the chan- nel, our editorial never did justice to the software side of our audience. Plus, we know software companies want business-level advice that extends beyond the reseller channel. Starting with this August/September 2017 is- sue, you now have our undivided attention in the pages of Software Executive magazine. No end-user speak, no vendor sales pitches — just editorial that we promise will deliver deep, actionable, exclusive, peer-driven con- tent that you won't find anywhere else. Y A B B Y S O R E N S E N Executive Editor VIEWPOINT SoftEx By A. Sorensen WELCOME TO SOFTWARE EXECUTIVE MAGAZINE SOFTWAREEXECUTIVEMAG.COM AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2017 7 @AbbySorensen_

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