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8 The List 9 By The Numbers 12 Opinions & Challenges 10 Companies To Watch Contents SOFTWAREEXECUTIVEMAG.COM DECEMBER 2017 4 Welcome to Software Executive @SoftwareExecMag w w w. S o f t w a r e E xe c u t i v e M a g . c o m Framework: D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 7 V O L . 1 N O. 3 16 Cover Story: DIGITECH SYSTEMS As SaaS adoption speeds up, what can developers learn from cloud trailblazer Digitech Systems? Director of Sales, Shawn Morris, offers his insight. SOFTWARE EXECUTIVE (ISSN: 2574-3295) Vol. 1, No. 3. This magazine is published by VertMarkets, Inc. at Knowledge Park, 5340 Fryling Road, Suite 300, Erie, PA 16510-4672. Phone (814) 897-9000, Fax (814) 899-5587. Copyright 2017 by Peterson Partnership. All rights reserved. Printed in the USA. SUBSCRIPTION RATES For qualified readers in the U.S. and Canada: $0. For non-qualified readers in the U.S. and all other countries: $197 for one year. POSTMASTER Send address corrections (Form 3579) to Software Executive, Knowledge Park, 5340 Fryling Road, Suite 300, Erie, PA 16510-4672. 5 Contributors 6 Viewpoint 7 Editorial Advisory Board/ Ask The Board Index: 30 SCALING & GROWING To Hire Or Not To Hire In Silicon Valley? 20 Hiring Fast To Keep Up With Rapid Cloud Growth AbacusNext's 500% YoY growth under CEO Alessandra Lezama's leadership wouldn't have been possible without its creative way of hiring employees in bulk. 24 Embracing & Optimizing A Remote Work Mentality Solo entrepreneur Giacomo Guilizzoni grew his company more than 4,000 percent in less than 10 years thanks to a globally distributed workforce. Follow Us: 32 SCALING & GROWING 6 Focus Areas For Shaping A SaaS Financial Model 34 DEVELOPER RESOURCES How Good Engineering Managers Become Great Engineering Leaders 36 SELLING & MARKETING Pricing Mistakes At Every Stage Of Software Growth 38 SELLING & MARKETING Fulfilling The Software Value Proposition 40 CHANNEL STRATEGIES Why Channel Partners Can Lead To B2B Software Success 42 LEADERSHIP LESSONS Burnout: The Subtle Shift You Can't Afford To Ignore Insights:

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