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February/March 2018

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cause there's a huge need. There was a problem and a way to algorithmically fix this so that we can do dynam- ic tab and order management in a way that nobody else really does." Norman's "geek perspective" is typical of many software company founders, and it's why he eagerly surrounds himself with people like Nancy Trigg, the company's president and the business brains behind Norman's software engineering operation. What makes Arryved stand out is Norman's insistence on real-world, in-person customer feedback — not just surface-level fact is that if you're in the tech industry, point of sale is not usually a sexy product." But the more Norman thought through the dynamic choose-your-own-adven- ture style of this niche hospitality industry, the more he realized this was a needed product. In a typical restau- rant environment, customers are either served at the bar or a table, and they typically stay put. At a brewery, customers might choose to order inside, outside, in a tasting room, at a bar, or on a tour, and they can move back and forth among these options. "From a geek per- spective, we thought this was a great opportunity be- Any mature software company can learn from this startup's approach to customer input and operational premeditation. D A V I D N O R M A N Founder & CEO Arryved N A N C Y T R I G G President Arryved We were getting close to actually having a working MVP to have out in the field and get deployed when the brewery we had partnered with said, 'This is great, but we have an immediate need. We can't seem to find a point of sale we like; would you guys build one?' To which our natural answer was 'no.' D A V I D N O R M A N Founder & CEO, Arryved 25 SOFTWAREEXECUTIVEMAG.COM FEBRUARY/MARCH 2018

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