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February/March 2018

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JASON COHEN FOUNDER & CTO, WP ENGINE Things got heavy during Jason Cohen's keynote at the Business of Software Conference in September 2017. It takes guts for a successful entrepreneur to stand up in front of his peers and admit burnout. Cohen has turned things around at his current venture, WP Engine, which recently surpassed $100 million ARR and raised $250 million from Silver Lake. Cohen isn't afraid to ask himself hard questions about his purpose as a business leader. His Leadership Lessons column on page 42 provides an instructive framework that any executive can use to evaluate meaningful, fulfilling, and important work. The Intersection Of Joy, Skill, And Need p 42 CHUCK FOLEY SVP, TALON STORAGE On page 30, Chuck Foley has a message for growing software companies: Either figure out how to leverage partnerships or stay small. There isn't an alternative. Foley would know. He's currently an SVP at a rapidly growing storage software company, in addition to a long history serving on tech boards. His career in VP and C-level roles spans both private and public companies. Software Executive takes pride in being a peer-driven publication, and Foley is just the kind of peer we want to deliver a wake-up call to software companies who have taken much pride of authorship to build a network of partnerships. Leveraging Partnerships To Scale Your Company p 30 MARK SOKOL VP, CORPORATE & SOLUTIONS MARKETING, CONNECTWISE Looking to cut corporate health insurance costs in 2018? Start by asking if you are afflicted with what Mark Sokol calls "We Can Sell This To Anyone" syndrome. He's spent the past 20+ years scaling teams and products at tech companies across both vertical and horizontal markets. He provides a rousing call to action for software companies to become laser-focused on a smaller customer base. Sounds backwards, right? Turn to page 38 to learn how he scaled down to scale up (and to see what book could change your trajectory). Why Choosing A Smaller Niche Is The Best Business Decision You'll Ever Make p 38 JOSEPH SALTIEL PARTNER, DINSMORE & SHOHL, LLP We wouldn't be wasting pages talking about patents if our readers all worked at hardware companies. Patents are table stakes for hardware. But if software is your game, patent laws are hard to navigate because Congress hasn't passed any specifically pertaining to software. If you want to protect your IP, flip to page 12 and see why Joe Saltiel is your guy. He's a partner with the Intellectual Property Department at Dinsmore & Shohl, LLP, a national law firm with offices in 22 cities coast to coast. And he's not just a lawyer – Saltiel earned his master's in electrical engineering and computer science prior to law school. Should You Get A Software Patent? p 12 Contributors 5 SOFTWAREEXECUTIVEMAG.COM CONTRIBUTORS Inside FEBRUARY/MARCH 2018

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