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Testing Mistakes Software Companies Unknowingly Make E R I C M I D D L E T O N CEO, 1Rivet Any time a project schedule is delayed, testing is the first thing people want to shorten to stay on track and make the launch date. Adding more testers isn't a good choice either because there are always defects, and the developers need time to fix them before the testers can re-execute. Testing needs to be thorough. If you want to find and fix all the bugs, allot enough time to do the job right. A variety of variables change when you move or change a project schedule. Be careful deciding how to proceed. Give yourself adequate time to test so your customers and clients get the best possible product or service you can deliver. SAYING "LET'S SHORTEN TESTING" WHEN A PROJECT IS FALLING BEHIND. 1 7 Some companies think automation is a silver bullet, eliminating the need for manual testing. But there's a lot you can't automate and plenty more that doesn't make sense to automate because the setup is too com- plicated or too expensive to maintain. Front-end ver- THE BALANCE BETWEEN YOUR MANUAL AND AUTOMATIC TESTING IS OFF. 2 The goal of the testers is to find defects before the business testers find them during user acceptance testing (or once you're in production). If the testers don't know your business, they won't function like a true user, and your test results will be skewed. When your testers know your business, you get more accu- rate results, uncover more potential problems, and al- low your actual business testers to get back to helping run your company versus troubleshooting. Invest in high-quality testers, teach them your busi- ness, and let them execute test scripts as if they are business users. If money is an issue, you can leverage offshore talent as long as you know what you're doing. YOU DON'T TEACH YOUR TESTERS YOUR BUSINESS. 3 As IT consultants, we're often asked to help test software we build or configure, or to act as a neutral third party evaluating software or configurations developed by others. Here are seven of the most common mistakes we see software executives make and tips for avoiding those pitfalls. sus back-end testing should also play into your overall strategy between automation and manual testing. I've seen companies that spend more time maintaining an automation suite than they would doing testing man- ually. Develop a strategy first, and aim to strike a bal- ance between automatic and manual testing. THE LIST Index By E. Middleton 7 TESTING MISTAKES SOFTWARE COMPANIES UNKNOWINGLY MAKE SOFTWAREEXECUTIVEMAG.COM FEBRUARY/MARCH 2018 8

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